Well I had great intentions when I started this blog.  I created it to share my journey as a new ham operator with others who might be interested in the hobby.  It’s definitely past time for me to provide an update. When I first was licensed in 2012, I started out with great zeal and […]

Evernote is an application that you can use on your smartphone, computer, or tablet that allows you to take notes and to store images, scans, notes, and audio files in the cloud, organized as you see fit, and accessible across your devices.  More information on Evernote can be found at http://www.evernote.com. A confession/disclaimer.  I’m a […]

One of the things that I like to do toward the end of each year is review the goals that I set a year ago for each area of my life.  And yes, I do set goals for my hobby, ham radio.  Last year I set the following goals for my 2014 ham radio activities… […]

Wow, what an amazing 2.5 years this has been.  I’ve learned  a bunch and have encountered a great many nice and very helpful folks in my short ham radio career.  I’ve been on a fairly frantic pace because there are so many interesting facets of this hobby.  In just 2.5 years, I’ve earned my Extra […]

This week I returned to one of the first modes that I learned to enjoy in the ham radio hobby. I spent some time rag chewing using PSK31. After working some kinks out of my rig setup using my laptop, a Signalink USB, and my KX3 (and at times my K3), we were back in […]

So, I was laying in bed about 5:30 am on Saturday morning a few weeks ago browsing around on my Iphone before I got up to start the day and I happened upon an ad for a well equipped Elecraft K3 that had been placed the night before.  Without a lot of thought, I emailed […]

My time with ham radio has become fairly predictable at this point.  When I turn on the transceiver, my first priority is to hunt and chase new DX entities.  My second priority is to work centennial W1AW/ portables. I’m trying to work every W1AW/ portable using CW, but not putting too much pressure on myself […]